How to Make your own Mario Cupcake Toppers! pt. 2

Roll a string in brown fondant and cut a few short pieces.  Fold them in half.

once they are folden press them together lightly with your fingers.  This will be a sideburn. be sure to make one for each ear.

you will have to trim the sideburn to fit properly on the face, the important part is just to have the split at the end to look more like mario.

roll small balls and flatten them in your fingers for the eyes just like you did for the nose.   Try and make it thinner though so the eyes don’t look like they are bulging.  And for the eyebrows are cut from a string I rolled in black fondant like the sideburns were.  Remember use a little water to make it all stick.

For the hat, roll out red fondant and take your cutter you used for the face. DONT CUT WITH IT! just place it on top for a size reference and use and exacto knife above it to cut what looks like a good size hat above it.  then you can pick us the cutter and cut the bottom an amount that looks nice to overlap the forhead.

roll another string in red and cut it to be the brim of your hat.

make more balls and flatten them for the irises and the logo on the cap.  Then I painted the pupils so I didnt add any bulk to the eyes.  you can paint the M on the hat too or roll a string to fold into an M.

I added some shines in the eyes with royal icing but you can choose not to.  Then let it sit overnight to dry.  Then it will be nice and dry and easy to pick up for placing on cupcakes without damaging it.  Just swirl some buttercream and pop her on!

Tah Dah!!!

How to Make your own Mario Cupcake Toppers! pt. 1

So its been a while since I have internet but I have lots of pics! heres an easy tutorial for mario head toppers!

cut out a circle in flesh tone :D you can use a cookie cutter!

Trim the sides a bit to make it more face shaped. it doesn’t have to have the chin detail like mine, but cute the sides off to fit his sideburns and ears later.

Roll three balls in the same flesh colour.  Make sure one is big and two are of equal size and smaller.

flatten them w bit with your fingers to spread them out.

put the larger flattened ball as the nose.  Then cut the other two flattened ones off on one edge so the connect as ears.

Now to make the mustache! Take a circle cutter that is smaller than the one you used as the head. I put both to compare sizes.

once you cut out the circle in black, use that same cutter on the top of your circle to make a half moon.

Cut triangles out of the bottom of the crescent to make it a mustache shape!

Which should fit great with your nose :D

Here’s some more angles of the shark cake completed. This one came out really nice.  Its one of those times in your life where you are quite proud of your work hahaha.  Def my feelings on this cake, I loved it!

How To Shark Cake!

So Carve your cake like a shark head and first coat in buttercream like my other cake (like thor’s hammer!)

Cover that sucker in fondant! White fondant! and make sure you get it smoothed nicely in all the grooves like the eye and jaw.  Also add any textural details you want, I put scratches into this guys back like he’s been roughed up a bit in his like.

Now use an airbrush to colour him in.  Using different pressures on your airbrush will help you get the smaller details like the gums and then get a wider spray for the large blue areas.

Now add some painted details (I used a paintbrush to do the eyeball and the nose) and then add some fondant teeth.  I did the water in buttercream. jus smear different shades of blue together and add the bubbles and waves in white after with a piping bag.

You can add details like figures and writing and lifesavers as well :D have fun with it!

Sherlock Cake. 221B Baker street! I didn’t recognize this from the picture because I don’t watch the show but once someone told me I was like oh yeah on baker street! I know from the books haha.  Old school me, only reading the books. WHATEVS.  this one is fondant, the wallpaper design is just painted on in food dye (and quick, again, something the customer wasnt charged for but YEAH)

More ninja turtles! cuz I love them! and peopl are ordering them!! so this was a quick 80s style turtle cake, gotta admit the side piping was pretty messy, but I wanted to add more even though they didnt pay for it so I had to rush lol. but yeah! sweet buttercream Raph on a 5” round




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Elsa Cake for the sister in law type.  Its fondant covered and then painted in food dye.  It works rather like watercolours for those who haven’t tried before.  Turned out pretty nice but the eyes are a bit off (go too far in the centre) Hopefully she likes it tomorrow! she’s another that doesnt have my tumblr so I can post her cake on here earlier than she sees it hahaha. :D

Topsy Turvy Alice in wonderland cake! So top tier is the hatter’s hat and then just come fun patterns on the lower tiers, it was all to match a customer’s invite for her party :D  Had some fridge troubles and got watermarks on the top hat, I tried to hide it with the decorative piping buut that could’ve gone a bit better.  Besides that piping and the trim its all fondant.  I painted the fraction rather than piped it cuz it suited the look of it better.  Guess that’s about it here!

Everything is awesome! Everything is cool when you’re part of a teeeam!  Aka I just saw the lego movie and it rocked! so people have obviously started asking for lego cakes at work, however often to last minute to do anything crazy so I’ve been drawing some buttercream minifigs :D

Everything is awesome! Everything is cool when you’re part of a teeeam!  Aka I just saw the lego movie and it rocked! so people have obviously started asking for lego cakes at work, however often to last minute to do anything crazy so I’ve been drawing some buttercream minifigs :D